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Operations Resources

Check Adjustment Services Operations Resources

Access detailed information including our Check Adjustments Quick Reference Guide to help support the processing of check adjustment requests through the Federal Reserve Banks.

E-Payments Routing Directory

The Federal Reserve E-Payments Routing Directory provides basic routing information for FedACH transactions and Fedwire Funds and Book-Entry Securities transfers. This information is synchronized with the Federal Reserve FedACH and Fedwire databases daily and is provided free of charge.

FedACH® Operations Resources

These resources provide detailed information to support your Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing operations, including quality and volume statistics, testing and customer support information, and reference materials.

FedCash® Services Currency and Coin Processing

These resources provide detailed information to support your currency and coin processing operations, including processes for ordering and depositing and information on new coin releases, currency recirculation and currency quality.

FedLine® Access Solutions

Access detailed information about the policies and procedures for making upgrades or maintenance changes to your FedLine Direct® or FedLine Command® environment.

Foreign and Canadian Check Processing

Review detailed information on how to process checks drawn on depository institutions outside the 12 Federal Reserve Bank districts.

Fedwire® Services Operations Resources

This section includes the Fedwire Funds reference card and Fedwire Securities claims adjustments information, call notices, clearing memos, issuer class codes and glossary, as well as links to pertinent regulations.

Fedwire Testing and Hours

Access detailed information on Fedwire testing, including testing options, guidelines and request forms, as well as Fedwire operating hours and extension guidelines.

Treasury Services Operations Resources

Review detailed savings bond processing information and Treasury references for collateral, securities deposits and auctions.

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