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National Settlement Service 2017 Fee Schedule

Minimum Monthly Fee1

Fedwire®-based, Special Settlement Charge Per Settlement Day2
Billing Code: 10211
Fee: $150.00

Basic Fee

Service Billing Code Fee
Settlement Charge Per Entry 10220 $1.50
Settlement File Charge 10220 $30.00


Service Billing Code Fee
Off-line Origination Per File3 10206 $45.00

Effective January 3, 2017


1Any customer account with total settlement charges less than $60 during a calendar month will be assessed a variable amount to reach the minimum monthly account maintenance fee.

2Special settlement arrangements use Fedwire Funds transfers to effect settlement. Participants in arrangements and settlement agents are also charged the applicable Fedwire Funds transfer fee for each transfer into and out of the settlement account.

3Offline files will be accepted only on an exception basis when a settlement agent's primary and backup means of transmitting settlement files are both unavailable. For information, contact the NSS Central Service Support Staff at (800) 758-9403.

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