Check Services Offerings

Federal Reserve Financial Services offers you a suite of check services including electronic and paper check services to support all of your check processing needs. Your financial institution can select among a variety of processing options that fit your needs based on deposit deadlines, credit availability and level of sorting.

Check 21-Enabled Services

Suite of services that allows you to send and receive image cash letters (ICLs) electronically.

Check Adjustments Services

Allows you to quickly and effectively resolve debit or credit settlement discrepancies on checks that were processed or handled by the Federal Reserve Banks.

FedImage® Services

Suite of image products for the capture, archive and retrieval of your check images.

  • FedImage Capture
  • FedImage Archive
  • FedImage Retrieval
FedImage-Enhanced Truncation Service

Through our FedImage-Enhanced Truncation Service, you can access check information in your Federal Reserve cash letter earlier.

Presentment Point Services

Suite of services that allow you to designate the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta as the primary presentment point for all, or certain, checks drawn on your institution.

Paper Check Clearing

Various services offering paper check collection and return services for your institution.

Foreign and Canadian Check Services

Service that provides a Foreign Check Collection Service, including a Canadian Check Collection Service, for all checks drawn on depository institutions outside of the Federal Reserve System.

Image-Enabled Savings Bond Processing 

Provides financial institutions with the ability to deposit image-eligible savings bonds in mixed and separately sorted FedForward ICLs and separately sorted paper cash letters. While image-based savings bond processing is strongly preferred, paper savings bond deposits are also accepted.

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