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Service Offerings

Federal Reserve Financial Services offers a comprehensive suite of products to facilitate the day-to-day payment operations of financial institutions nationwide. Browse our list of service offerings to select the payment solutions that best suit the needs of your organization.

FedLine® Access Solutions

The FedLine Access Solutions suite of services provide financial institutions with direct access to Federal Reserve Financial Services information and critical payment services. These solutions include FedMail®, FedLine Web®, FedLine Advantage®, FedLine Command® and FedLine Direct®.

Account Services

The Account Services suite of services enables financial institutions to better manage their Federal Reserve account. Services include Account Management Information, Premium Accounting Information Services, daily Statement of Accounts, monthly Statement of Service Charges, and Daylight Overdraft Reports.

Check Services

The Check Services suite includes electronic and paper check services to support all of your check processing needs. Your financial institution can select among a variety of processing options that fit your needs based on deposit deadlines, credit availability and level of sorting.

FedACH® Services

The FedACH Services product suite provides financial institutions with efficient, low-cost batched payment services that enable an electronic exchange of debit and credit transactions through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. FedACH is used for pre-authorized recurring payments (such as payroll, corporate payments to vendors, Social Security, insurance premiums and utility payments) and non-recurring payments (such as point-of-purchase, Web and telephone-initiated entries). It enables your organization to easily administer domestic and international transactions via the same process and monitor your risk.

FedCash® Services

The FedCash Services product suite helps ensure depository institutions have sufficient supplies of currency and coin to meet public demand. Each Federal Reserve District maintains currency and coin processing operations to accept deposits of excess and unfit currency and process orders for currency and coin. Today’s FedCash Services are easy-to-use and provide consistent, timely and robust services and information.

FedComplete® Packages

The FedComplete Packages offer all-electronic service options that bundle payment services with an access solution for one monthly fee. Designed for institutions with low transaction volumes and an interest in processing their own payments through a FedLine Advantage® connection, initial FedComplete Package offerings include a fixed number of FedACH®, Fedwire® Funds, and Check 21-enabled Services.

FedTransaction Analyzer®

FedTransaction Analyzer enables financial institutions to streamline after-the-fact analysis of payment transactions and provides access to a historical transaction database to help automate manual reporting processes.

Fedwire® Services

The Fedwire Services are the premier electronic payments and securities transfer services that banks, businesses and government agencies rely on for mission-critical same-day transactions. When it absolutely matters, trust Fedwire Services to deliver transactions with certainty and finality.

National Settlement Services

This multilateral settlement service enables depository institutions to submit settlement files on behalf of participants in clearinghouses, financial exchanges and other clearing and settlement groups.

Treasury Services

The Federal Reserve serves as fiscal and depository agent for the United States Government. In this role, the Reserve Banks perform a variety of services for the Treasury Department, other Federal Agencies and government-sponsored enterprises.

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