FedPayments® Insights Service

The FedPayments Insights service is intended to meet industry needs for ACH analytical tools to help inform operational, risk management, and strategic decision making for your institution. The FedPayments Insights Service is a FedACH® business intelligence and analytics service, accessed through the FedLine Web® and FedLine Advantage® Solutions, that allows customers to interact in a dynamic way with their ACH data to easily review daily and historical trends. Financial institutions can obtain fast and accurate information to gain valuable business insights on ACH payment trends and behavior by accessing a more complete view of your institution’s ACH information with all payment data including government and commercial transactions that settled through FedACH Services.

Discover the benefits of the FedPayments Insights Service

  • Easily access analytical information on transactions that settled through FedACH for a single RTN or family of RTNs by utilizing historical data, which includes up to two years of detailed information and six years of summarized information; historical information is accessible by authorized subscribers at the time of service activation
  • Provide your senior management with visual reports and trends showing changes over time
  • Save reports in an Excel format

Learn more about the benefits by viewing the product sheet (PDF).

Visual Report Descriptions

  • ACH Payment Trends: Creates a visualization of trends showing the change over time for a given data set. Allows users to select individual or combinations of RTN(s) within the RTN family or individual Originator ID. Enables users to view trends over time and more easily identify variances from normal activity. Users can select a single data point to drill down into Transaction Details.
  • ACH Originator Summary: Summarizes entry counts and dollar amounts by Originator ID or Originator Name for all Originating RTNs. Includes debit and credit counts and amounts and can be sorted and filtered a variety of ways.
  • ACH Trends by SEC Code: Summarizes originated and/or received ACH data by Standard Entry Class (SEC) code for a date range and can be filtered down by entry type. Allows users to select individual or combinations of RTN(s) within the RTN family or individual Originator ID.
  • ACH Return Rate by Originator: Allows users to monitor return item activity according to ACH Rules on debit returns for all of its originators in a single view. Originating Depository Financial Institutions (ODFIs) can track return rates against thresholds as defined in the ACH Rules. Provides dollar and entry counts in total and by SEC codes.
  • ACH Reversals: Reports on Reversals received or originated by a DFI. Users can drill down from the ACH Reversals Report to a Receiver Account Summary or to view Transaction Details.

Easy sign-up

  • Review Operating Circular 4, Automated Clearing House, Appendix F4: FedPayments Insights Service, prior to submitting Part 6G (PDF) of the FedACH Participation Agreement to the location listed on the form.
  • For current FedLine® Solutions customers, an End User Authorization Contact (EUAC) with authority to manage access for FedACH Services should submit a Subscriber request via the EUAC Center within FedLine Home to grant new subscribers access or to modify current subscribers' access to include the FedPayments Insights Service. Otherwise, the organization must first submit an EUAC Form (PDF) to authorize their EUAC to manage access for FedACH Services.


Contact FedACH and Check Services Customer Support or submit a contact request and your relationship manager will reach out to you.

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