End User Authorization Contact Support Page for FedLine® EUACs

The End User Authorization (EUAC) Support Page provides information about the responsibilities of EUACs to help you assign this authority to individuals within your organization. This page also provides a high-level overview of the steps required to become an EUAC. Additionally, the EUAC Support Page is intended to provide resources to existing EUACs, helping them manage Subscribers within their organizations. Whether your organization is just getting started or you have been an EUAC for many years, the EUAC Support Page provides access to valuable resources to assist with this responsibility.

Information covered on the EUAC Support Page includes:

Note: If you are a FedLine Command® or FedLine Direct® EUAC, you can find FedLine Command and FedLine Direct forms on the FedLine Solutions Forms page.

Onboarding New EUACs

Your organization must designate at least two employees to be EUACs. The EUACs are individuals at your organization who have the authority to designate authorized individuals (Subscribers) who will transact business via a FedLine Solution.

To designate an EUAC, complete, print and sign the EUAC Designation and Authorization Form for FedLine Web-Based Services and Other Business Applications (PDF) or the EUAC Designation and Authorization Form For FedLine Direct and FedLine Command and email the signed form to the Support Center. The form must be signed by an individual listed on your organization’s Official Authorization List (OAL). Once the form is received and processed by the Support Center, a credential will be issued to the EUAC. The EUAC will use the credential to access the EUAC Center, which enables the EUAC to submit Subscriber requests, reset FedLine Subscriber passwords and access Subscriber reports and FedLine documentation.

FedLine Advantage, FedLine Command and FedLine Direct EUACs will also have access to the Connection Management Center (CMC).

EUAC Responsibilities

EUACs are the primary contacts between their organizations and the Federal Reserve Banks. One of the most important responsibilities of an EUAC is managing Subscriber access to the services and applications offered by the Federal Reserve Banks via the FedLine Advantage and FedLine Web Solutions. Managing Subscriber access includes establishing Subscribers and their access to services/applications and monitoring access to ensure that is accurate and meets the organization’s business needs.

EUACs are also responsible for ensuring that all Subscribers in their organizations are familiar with and comply with the security procedures and responsibilities that are applicable to the FedLine Solution they use. This information is provided in documentation that can be found in the EUAC Center via the “FedLine Documentation” link in the left navigation.

Additionally, FedLine Command and FedLine Direct EUACs have the authority to provide instructions or other information related to FedLine Direct or FedLine Command configurations, and to control issuance of server credentials to enable your organization to transact business using the FedLine Direct or FedLine Command Solutions.

View the EUAC Onboarding Check List (PDF), which contains two categories: steps pertinent to all EUACs and steps pertinent to EUACs at organizations that are new to FedLine.

Use of all Federal Reserve Bank Services is governed by the applicable Operating Circulars. The terms under which an organization may electronically access these services are provided in Operating Circular 5 and the Certification Practice Statement. It is the EUAC's responsibility to ensure that their organization reviews its internal controls and procedures to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place when using FedLine Solutions.

Failure to appropriately manage your organization's Subscribers could result in monetary loss and other negative consequences for your organization and may constitute a violation of your organization's electronic access agreement and/or security and control procedures agreement with the Federal Reserve Banks, as indicated in Operating Circular 5.

Alternate EUAC Responsibilities

An Alternate EUAC must be identified on the EUAC form (PDF) for all EUAC requests. The Alternate EUAC identified on the EUAC form is responsible for:

  • Receiving the credential components for the EUAC indicated in Section 3.1 of the EUAC form
  • Distributing tokens or credential information to the EUAC indicated in Section 3.1

The Alternate EUAC:

  • May receive email notifications when changes are made to the EUAC profile indicated in Section 3.1 of the EUAC form.
  • Must be an existing EUAC and the Alternate EUAC’s profile information must match the information on file with the Federal Reserve Banks. Section 3.3 cannot be used to make changes to the Alternate EUAC’s profile. An EUAC form is required to make EUAC profile changes, with the changes being indicated in section 3.1.

Subscriber Access Levels

To assist your organization in determining which services you may need and the corresponding Subscriber access levels, refer to the Subscriber Access Levels Descriptions.

EUAC Center in FedLine Home

A more comprehensive EUAC Reference Guide and Onboarding Kit is available via the EUAC Center in FedLine Home. Once EUACs are credentialed, they can access the EUAC Center by logging in to FedLine Home.

EUACs can log in to FedLine Home by clicking the Access FedLine Web button on the FRBservices.org homepage.

FedLine Advantage and FedLine Command EUACs may also log in to FedLine Home by double-clicking on the FedLine Connection Utility icon that was installed on their desktop during the FedLine Advantage setup process and following the prompts.


If you have questions or would like additional information regarding the EUAC onboarding process, please contact the Support Center.

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