FedLine Command® Environment and Configuration Change Matrix

This table identifies the appropriate steps and schedules to test changes made to your FedLine Command environment. Refer to test request forms for lead-time requirements.
Customer-Initiated Environment Changes Required Customer Actions Federal Reserve Bank Production Environment Change Required Test Schedule
  • Hardware upgrades:
    • Router (non-Federal Reserve Bank supplied)
    • Switches
    • Firewall
  • Operating System change or upgrade
  • Secure Client server updates
Complete FedLine Command Connectivity Test Request Form (PDF) No Contact the Support Center to schedule Saturday testing

Federal Reserve Bank Contact Information


File Connectivity Test
Validation of connectivity through an exchange of a non-value "hello world file" initiated by your organization's Secure Client server to the Federal Reserve Banks’ Secure Transport server and back.
Server Certificate
Certificate digitally signed by a trusted authority that is required to establish FedLine Command communication between your organization and the Federal Reserve Banks.

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