FedACH® Services Resources

The following FedACH Services resources provide detailed information and valuable links to support your processing operations including testing, customer support information and reference materials. These resources will help you better understand and use FedACH Services to their fullest potential.

FedACH Processing Schedule

Listing of transmission, distribution and settlement times for FedACH Services and the FedACH SameDay Service.

FedACH and Check Services Customer Support

Details the types of support provided, hours of operation and contact information, including links to instructions and forms for requesting test files.

FedACH Exception Resolution Service Quick Reference Guide

Provides helpful guidance on how to submit FedACH exception cases, the allowable case types for submitting exceptions and supporting documentation requirements.

FedPayments Reporter Service Resources

FedPayments Reporter Service Overview

Provides a high-level overview of the FedPayments Reporter Service

EDI Fundamentals (PDF)

Provides a basic overview of financial EDI and an introduction to the FedPayments Reporter® Service

FedPayments Reporter Detailed Users Guide (PDF)

Provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the FedPayments Reporter Service.

FedPayments Reporter Service “Getting Started Guide for Setting Up Automated Reports” (PDF)

Provides helpful guidance for reviewing report options, for setting up reports in the service screens and for using the encrypted email delivery option.

FedGlobal®ACH Payments Resources

FedGlobal Processing Resources

Includes implementation guides, exchange rate resources and much more.

Other Resources

Conducting ACH Business with the Federal Reserve Banks

Presents information covering some of the unique aspects of doing business with FedACH Services including customer support, electronic access solutions, testing, value-added information services and additional education resources.

Visit the FedACH Services pages or contact your relationship manager for more information.

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