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FedLine Web®

The FedLine Web Solution is a cost-effective, online option that offers a broad range of information services, including FedACH® information, FedCash® Services and Accounting and Billing information. This solution also provides organizations access to Check Services (including Check 21-enabled Services and Check Adjustments Services). To see a full list of available services, view the 2018 FedLine Solutions Services Comparison Matrix (PDF). To see a comparison of FedMail and the FedLine Web® Solution, view the FedMail and FedLine Web Comparison Matrix (PDF).

Use the FedLine Web Solution to connect with confidence

  • Provides attended system that leverages state-of-art technology to design and deliver highly secure and reliable services
  • Allows you to control the level of access for any individual in your organization to provide personalized, quick and efficient access to those services for which a Subscriber is authorized
  • Provides convenient, easy-to-use access by any credentialed Subscriber using a Windows®-based PC that has browser software and an internet connection
  • Offers online help with an index of topics, a glossary of definitions and tools to answer questions about how the system works
  • Allows you to view statements and reports, as well as transaction details
  • Delivers online "alerts" and other important messages, including My Messages via FedLine Home

To start using this service, visit the FedLine Web Setup page or contact your account executive.

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