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FedLine Command®

The FedLine Command Solution is a low-cost option for organizations interested in an unattended solution for access to FedACH® payment and information services, as well as Accounting, Billing and Fedwire® statement services. This solution offers the convenience of an Internet Protocol (IP)-based solution and uses Axway Secure Client file transfer software to access FedACH Services and numerous non-payment information services. To see a full list of available services, view the 2018 FedLine Solutions Services Comparison Matrix (PDF).

Use the FedLine Command Solution to connect with confidence

  • Provides a lower-cost alternative to the FedLine Direct Solution for critical payment services, such as FedACH, Accounting and Billing Services
  • Provides unattended system that leverages state-of-art technology to design and deliver highly secure and reliable services
  • Supports delivery of select information directly to your customers

Read what customers say about the service

"We live in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. We don't get snow, but sometimes we get ice. Getting to the operations center at 6 a.m. on icy streets just to make sure the ACH files were pulled in was a struggle sometimes. Now that our process is automated with FedLine Command, files coming and going are as smooth as glass."

Martin Summers, Assistant Vice President - Core Systems Manager at Southwest Bank

For more specific information regarding the FedLine Command Solution, review the FedLine Command product sheet (PDF). To learn more about how to sign up for this solution, please contact your account executive.

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