FedLine Direct® and FedLine Command® Setup

The FedLine Direct Solution offers unattended Internet Protocol (IP)-based access to critical payment services and was designed especially for organizations that seek a secure computer-to-computer interface to Federal Reserve Bank Services. FedLine Direct offers access to organizations that perform high-volume Fedwire® Funds, FedACH® and FedNow® Service transactions.

The FedLine Command Solution is a lower-cost option for FedACH customers interested in an unattended solution. This solution uses Axway Secure Client file transfer software to access FedACH payment and information services. Additionally, Account, Billing and Fedwire statement services are also available via FedLine Command.

Please contact your relationship manager for specific information about these services.

Step 1 - Review Rules and Regulations

Prior to establishing FedLine Direct or FedLine Command access, your organization must be authorized to use Federal Reserve Bank Services. Use of all Federal Reserve Bank Services is governed by the applicable Operating Circulars. The terms and conditions under which an organization may electronically access these services are provided in Operating Circular 5, Electronic Access. It is each organization's responsibility to review its internal controls and procedures to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place when using FedLine® Solutions.

Step 2 - Submit Certificate of Resolution and Official Authorization List

To begin the FedLine Direct or FedLine Command Solution setup process, your organization must have a Certificate of Resolution and Official Authorization List on file with the Federal Reserve Banks.

Step 3 - Designate End User Authorization Contacts (EUACs)

If your organization is setting up its FedLine Direct or FedLine Command connection for the first time, you must designate at least two employees to be EUACs and specify one of them to be the main contact for your organization throughout the connection implementation. The EUACs will be the individuals at your organization who have the authority to request server certificates, renew server certificates and specify the services and/or business applications the server certificate may be used to access.

To authorize an EUAC, print and complete the EUAC Designation and Authorization Form for FedLine Direct and FedLine Command (PDF) and send the signed original to the Support Center. The form must be signed by an individual listed on your organization's Official Authorization List (OAL). This form gives the EUAC authority to provide instructions or other information to the Reserve Banks related to FedLine Direct and FedLine Command configurations, and to control issuance of server credentials to enable the organization to transact business using the FedLine Direct and FedLine Command Solutions.

Step 4 - Plan & Prepare

Once your organization has established EUACs for FedLine Direct or FedLine Command, next steps and other documentation will be provided to the designated EUAC.

Step 5 - Implementation

Once appropriate paperwork has been obtained, a FedLine Project Manager will be assigned for your organization's implementation effort. They will work with your EUAC through all setup phases.

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