Financial Institution Merger - Modify Services or Access

Financial institutions going through a merger or operations consolidation can streamline the process by following the steps outlined below. Contacts are identified to help you with questions. If you need additional information or advice, consult your merger coordinator.

Step 1 - Discuss merger details with Federal Reserve representative

If your institution is entering into a merger, please contact your Federal Reserve Bank merger coordinator. Following are some questions that you may be asked by the merger coordinator:

  • What is the legal and operational date(s) when the merger will be effective?
  • Who are the institutions involved in the merger, including the names, addresses, cities, states, zip codes and routing transit numbers?
  • Will you need to open an account with the Federal Reserve? Will subaccounts be needed or used?
  • Who are the primary contacts (surviving and non-surviving institutions) with whom we should communicate, including their names, institutions, routing transit numbers, addresses, phone/fax numbers and email addresses?
  • What entities may need to be aware of your change (e.g., data processors, correspondents, respondents, etc.) for both the surviving and non-surviving institutions?

Step 2 - Assess Access Needs

Although you may already be using one of our FedLine® or FedMail® Solutions, your organizational change may alter your access needs. It may be necessary to provide access to additional staff in your organization, change the roles of existing Subscribers or switch to a different access solution. Review your access needs in light of your change, and as part of your review, a fresh look at contingency plans is always a good idea.

Contact the Support Center if you need assistance.
For information about how to Become a Savings Bond Paying Agent, contact the Minneapolis Treasury Retail Securities Site.

Step 3 - Complete Forms/Agreements

During the merger process, your Federal Reserve Bank contact will help you complete all pertinent merger documentation, some of which must be signed by an authorized signer on the surviving institution's Official Authorization List on file with the Federal Reserve Banks.

Current customers needing to add/modify Subscribers or services:

Complete the Service Setup steps and forms for the access solutions changes you would like to make:

Questions? Contact the Support Center.

Step 4 - Congratulations! Your Federal Reserve Financial Services updates are effective!

On the day the merger is effective, you can begin processing based on the changes you designated.
Contact your merger coordinator if you have any questions.

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