Fedwire® Funds Service 2024 Fee Schedules

Pre-incentive and Incentive Transfer Fees (Value or Non-Value Originations and Receipts)

Summary of the new per transfer volume-based pricing structure for 2024:

Per transfer volume-based pricing
Tier Monthly Volume Per Transfer
Pre-Incentive Price
Incentive Discount
(Applies to transfers that exceed 60% of a customer's historic benchmark volume)Footnote 1
Incentive Price
Tier 1 For Transfers up to 14,000 $0.940 -$0.752 $0.188
Tier 2 For Transfers 14,001 - 90,000 $0.29 -$0.232 $0.058
Tier 3 For Transfers Over 90,000 $0.190 -$0.152 $0.038

The pre-incentive and incentive transfer fees/discounts described above will be displayed on the customer bill using the following billing codes:

Pre-incentive and incentive transfer fees/discounts
Service Billing Code Per Transfer Gross Fee/Discount
(As Reflected on Billing Statement)
Net Fee Per Transfer
(For Informational Purposes Only)
Gross Pre-Incentive Fee
(Originations and Receipts)
10021/10022 $0.940  
Tier 1 Pre-Incentive Discount   $0.000 $0.940
Tier 1 Incentive DiscountFootnote 1 10026 -$0.752 $0.188
Tier 2 Pre-Incentive Discount 10023 -$0.65 $0.29
Tier 2 Incentive DiscountFootnote 1 10026 -$0.232 $0.058
Tier 3 Pre-Incentive Discount 10024 -$0.75 $0.19
Tier 3 Incentive DiscountFootnote 1 10026 -$0.152 $0.038
Historic Benchmark Volume
(Provided on billing statement for informational purposes only)Footnote 1
10025 N/A  

Use our Fedwire Discount Calculator Tool (XLS) (Updated October 2023) to determine the impact the Fedwire Funds incentive discount will have on a customer's bill.

1 The incentive discounts apply to the volume that exceeds 60 percent of a customer’s historic benchmark volume. Historic benchmark volume is based on a customer’s average daily activity over the previous five calendar years. If a customer has fewer than five full calendar years of previous activity, its historic benchmark volume is based on its daily activity for as many full calendar years of data as are available. If a customer has less than one year of past activity, then the customer qualifies automatically for incentive discounts for the year. The applicable incentive discounts are as follows: $0.752 for transfers up to 14,000; $0.232 for transfers 14,001 to 90,000; and $0.152 for transfers over 90,000.

Please see the Federal Reserve Bank 2024 Business Days calendar below for a list of the total number of business days per month.

Federal Reserve Bank 2024 Business Days

Number of Federal Reserve business days per month in 2024
Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Total Business Days 21 20 21 22 22 19 22 22 20 22 19 21

Access Fee

Wires access fee
Service Billing Code Fee
Monthly Participation Fee 10020 $115.00


Wires surcharges that may be charged
Service Billing Code Fee
Off-line Origination and Receipt 10011/10015 $75.00
End-of-Day Origination Surcharge (after 5:00 PM ET)Footnote 2 10031 $0.26
FedPayments® Manager Import/Export Monthly FeeFootnote 3 10052 $60.00
Surcharge on transfers >$10 million Origination and Receipt 10035/10036 $0.14
Surcharge on transfers >$100 million Origination and Receipt 10037/10038 $0.36
Payment Notification Origination SurchargeFootnote 4 10053 $0.01
Payment Notification Receipt VolumeFootnote 4,Footnote 5 10054 N/A

2This surcharge applies to originators of transfers that are processed by the Reserve Banks after 5:00 p.m. ET.

3This fee is charged to any Fedwire Funds participant that originates a transfer message via the FedPayments Manager Funds tool and has the import/export processing option setting active at any point during the month.

4Payment Notification and End-of-Day Origination surcharges apply to each Fedwire Funds transfer message.

5Provided on billing statement for informational purposes only.

Additional Fees

Additional fees that may be changed
Service Billing Code Fee
Delivery of Reports – Hard Copy Reports to On-Line Customers 10016 $50.00
Special Settlement Arrangement (Charge Per Settlement Day)Footnote 6 10055 $150.00

Effective January 2, 2024

6This charge is assessed to settlement arrangements that use the Fedwire Funds Service to affect the settlement of interbank obligations (as opposed to those that use the National Settlement Service). With respect to such special settlement arrangements, other charges may be assessed for each funds transfer into or out of the accounts used in connection with such arrangements.

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