FedComplete® Packages 2024 Fee Schedules

Available service details for each FedLine Solutions package can be referenced on the 2024 FedLine Solutions Services Comparison Matrix (PDF).

FedComplete Package OptionsFootnote 1

Package Fees
PackageFootnote 2 Billing Code FeeFootnote 3
FedComplete 100A Plus 22031 $900/month
FedComplete 100A Premier 22041 $975/month
FedComplete 200A Plus 22032 $1,425/month
FedComplete 200A Premier 22042 $1,500/month

Excess Volume Fees

Transactions in excess of the package thresholds will incur the transaction fees published on the relevant fee schedule in addition to the surcharges noted below.
Surcharge Billing Code FeeFootnote 4
FedForward® surchargeFootnote 5 92002 $0.03700
FedReceipt® surcharge 92004 $0.00005
FedReturn surcharge 92006 $0.82000
Fedwire Funds Origination surcharge 91002 $0.94000
Fedwire Funds Receipt surcharge 91004 $0.09400
FedACH Origination surcharge 94002 $0.00350
FedACH Receipt surcharge 94004 $0.00035


Information on other FedComplete Packages fees.
Incentive Billing Code Fee
FedComplete Credit Adjustment 33400 Various
FedComplete Debit Adjustment 33410 Various

Effective January 2, 2024


1 FedComplete packages are all-electronic service options that bundle payment services with an access solution for one monthly fee.

2 Packages with an “A” include the FedLine Advantage® channel.

3 FedComplete customers that use the email service would be charged the FedMail® Email a la carte fee and for all FedMail-FedLine Exchange Subscriber 5-packs.

4 Per-item surcharges are in addition to the standard fees listed in the applicable priced services fee schedules.

5 FedComplete customers will be charged $4 for each FedForward cash letter over the monthly package threshold. This activity will appear under billing code 51998 in Service Area 1521 on a month-lagged basis.

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