National Settlement Service 2024 Fee Schedule

Minimum Monthly FeeFootnote 1

Billing Code: 10212

Basic Fee

Service Billing Code Fee
Settlement Charge Per Entry 10220 $1.70
Settlement File Charge 10220 $35.00



Service Billing Code Fee
Off-line Origination Per FileFootnote 2 10206 $45.00

Effective January 2, 2024


1Any settlement arrangement that accrues less than $60 during a calendar month will be assessed a variable amount to reach the minimum monthly fee.

2An organization that is a settlement agent may be able to use the National Settlement Service offline service if it is experiencing an operational event that prevents the transmission of settlement files via its electronic connection to the Federal Reserve Banks. The Federal Reserve Banks have limited capacity to process offline settlement files. As a result, while the Federal Reserve Banks use best efforts to process offline settlement file submissions, there is no guarantee that an offline settlement file, in particular one that is submitted late in the operating day or that contains a large number of entries, will be accepted for processing. Only those persons identified as authorized individuals on the National Settlement Service 04 Agent Contact Form may submit offline settlement files. For questions related to the National Settlement Service offline service, please contact National Settlement Service Central Support Service Staff (CSSS) at 800-758-9403, or via email at

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