FedACH® Origination and Receipt

FedACH Origination and Receipt, the core services for clearing Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, provides financial institutions with scheduled file delivery, 14 different sort options, online features including the ability to view settlement and customer profile information, and the flexibility to prioritize and route specified files to your institution or processor. Choose from Web-based, information-only access via the FedLine Web® Solution, or add convenient online ability to send and receive FedACH files with the FedLine Advantage® Solution.

FedACH Services via FedLine Web

FedACH Services via FedLine Web enables financial institutions to use Web-based, self-service access to track, research and account for FedACH activity.

  • Access file status, dollar confirmation and batch/item count verification on input and output files
  • View file- and batch-level information for the current and 10 previous business days, including information for rejected files and batches
  • View item-level information for the previous 60 business days
  • Derived returns are available for the previous two calendar years and NOCs for the previous 60 business days.
  • View, print and download all return items and NOCs derived online and link to details
  • View reports of unauthorized ACH returns or invalid account returns
  • View settlement information by settlement date or by process date
  • View customer profiles for any FedACH participant
  • Access customer service easily from knowledgeable support groups

FedACH Services via FedLine Advantage

FedACH Services via FedLine Advantage includes all the functionality available via the FedLine Web Solution, plus the ability to send and receive encrypted ACH files through an easy-to-use browser-based file transmission system.

Discover the benefits of FedACH Origination and Receipt

  • Easy-to-access, cost-effective and convenient method for exchanging payments
  • Broad range of processing options to maximize your profitability and operating efficiency
  • Customized control over how you access, process, settle and manage your ACH transactions
  • Learn more about the benefits by viewing the FedACH Services product sheet (PDF)

Review what one customer has to say about the service

“At First Volunteer Bank we like to keep things simple. The FedACH® Service helps us to do just that by simplifying file transfers, the return process, the NOC process and many other day-to-day ACH processes that we use. Our ACH staff finds this system to be very user-friendly and easy to navigate, and the Risk Management tools help keep us and our customers out of harm's way.”

Kristi Haar, VP & Deposit Operations Manager, First Volunteer Bank

FedACH Receipt Discount Program

The FedACH Receipt 5-year discount program (Discount Program) is opt-in, with eligible depository institutions (DIs) that choose to participate in the program signing a 5-year term agreement. These DIs agree to maintain their existing Premium Receiver status (Level One or Two) for the entire 5-year term of the agreement.

To start using FedACH Origination and Receipt, visit the Service Setup page or contact your relationship manager.

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