Speed compliance tasks with the FedPayments® Reporter Service for FedACH® Services automated reports for your institution and for your customers

ACH Death Notification Report - For RDFIs

  • Converts and provides information for each death notification entry (DNE) transaction received
  • DNEs are utilized by a federal government agency (e.g., Social Security Administration) to notify an RDFI that the recipient of a government benefit payment has died.
  • RDFIs may find this information useful to assist them in meeting legal requirements associated with federal government benefit payments.

ACH Death Notifcation Report for RDFIs

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ACH International (IAT) Report - For RDFIs and/or their receivers

  • Converts and displays information for each forward IAT entry received.
  • Includes conversion of EDI-based information into human-readable format.
  • This report can be generated for specific receiver account numbers and/or for all International ACH Transaction (IAT) entries received by the RDFI.
  • This report may be useful for the identification and understanding of information in received IATs to assist in complying with OFAC requirements associated with these transactions.

ACH International Report

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ACH Notification of Change Report - For ODFIs' originators

  • Converts and provides information for each notification of change (COR) transaction received.
  • Provides information contained in the original forward item along with the change information supplied by the RDFI.
  • ODFIs can establish this report for their originators to automatically share this information.

ACH Notification of Change Report

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ACH Return Item Report - For ODFIs' originators

  • Converts and provides information for each return item or operator-rejected entry received.
  • Provides information contained in the forward item along with return information supplied by the RDFI or ACH operator.
  • Automatically generated on a scheduled intraday and daily basis with on-demand generation also available.

 ACH Return Item Report

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ACH Return Ratio Report - For ODFIs and/or their originators

  • Provides summary level information to help ODFIs and/or originators monitor return item activity.
  • The report can be generated for specified originators by specifying their assigned Company ID(s). The report can be automatically generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • ODFIs may find this report useful in meeting the Nacha rules requirement associated with monitoring return item percentage thresholds. The report shows dollar and item counts in total and by SEC codes. To assist ODFIs in complying with the Nacha rules requirement, the report shows the percent of forward debit items returned.
  • Configurable options allow the DFI to request separate report pages to show unauthorized returns, invalid returns, all returns and any specific return codes of interest. The DFI can also configure the report to generate only if return items are identified. Another configurable option allows a page to be generated that shows all unique company names encountered during the reporting period selected. This could be helpful to identify originators that use a single Company ID to originate for different companies.

ACH Return Ration Report

Beyond Compliance

The FedPayments Reporter Service for FedACH provides automated reporting to help your institution with more than just compliance tasks. See what else the service can do for you.

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