National Settlement Service Resources

To facilitate the day-to-day payment operations of financial institutions nationwide, we offer you the resources listed below related to our National Settlement Service. If you have any questions about these resources, please contact Central Services Support Staff at P: (800) 758-9403.

High-Level Onboarding Process for National Settlement Service

Provides an overview of the onboarding process for the National Settlement Service.

National Settlement Service Extension Guidelines

Provides guidelines for extensions for NSS Settlement Agents.

National Settlement Service Volume and Value Statistics

Provides volumes and dollar values of settlement for the National Settlement Service.

Operating Circular 12 and Forms

Sets forth the terms and conditions under which the Federal Reserve Banks provide the National Settlement Service for participants.

Wholesale Services Operating Hours and FedPayments® Manager Hours of Availability

Provides details about the hours of operation for Fedwire Services and National Settlement Service

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