Business Continuity Resource Center

Staying up-to-date on the best practices for business continuity is imperative to keep your institution running smoothly during a service disruption. Here are a few tips to keep you prepared before, during and after a service outage.

  1. Bookmark the Service Status page on FRBservices.orgSM to stay abreast of the operational status of Federal Reserve Bank Services.
  2. Maintain a current list of key personnel at your institution, including authorized individuals, to communicate with the Federal Reserve.
  3. Print business continuity guides and critical contact information list just in case you do not have access to your network.
  4. Host periodic training with your staff to make sure everyone is prepared if there is a service disruption.
  5. Once an issue has been resolved, clear your cache to ensure you can view and access the appropriate updates.

Service Status

Service Status is designed to keep you informed of the operational status of Federal Reserve Bank Services. Whether you need information on opening and closing times or you are looking for details regarding a disruption, Service Status is where you need to go. Watch the videos below to learn how to use this helpful tool.

Business Continuity Guides

During a disruption, Federal Reserve staff members work to ensure the highest possible level of service. Successful operations will require both coordination and cooperation between financial institutions and Federal Reserve staff. There are a number of procedures in place to ensure the resilience following a service disruption. It is important that your staff becomes familiar with the information provided in the business continuity guides to be prepare in the event of a disruption.

Relationship Manager Tips

Susan Bivens and Amy Paysour, two relationship managers, recently filmed a video focusing on their business contingency tips and Federal Reserve offerings to help get institutions prepared. Watch “Are you ready? Business continuity tips from relationship managers.”

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