Relationship Manager Education

Federal Reserve relationship managers are a wealth of knowledge and they are eager to share it with customers. The consultative team dedicates time building strong relationships with each of their customers and guide them through the influx of information and choices. Beyond basic service knowledge, relationship managers can help navigate system changes, contingency situations, payment industry questions, improvements to manual processes and more.

To provide additional assistance, a video series hosted by our esteemed relationship managers, covers aspects of our services and questions received by customers.

“Questions, answers and consultation with your Federal Reserve relationship manager”

Relationship managers Frank R. Agnew, Frank J. Blacharczyk, John Pitts and Stacy Springer discuss common questions and provide topics to discuss with your relationship manager.

“Are you ready? Business continuity tips from relationship managers”

Susan Bivens and Amy Paysour discuss business contingency tips, options for unattended FedLine® Solutions and more.

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Working Directly with the Fed,” is a 24/7 on-demand webinar series on the Federal Reserve System, a broad look at FedLine Solutions and Federal Reserve Financial Services and how to get started.

If you have any questions or topics you would like to discuss, contact your relationship managers today. If you do not know your relationship manager, use the Contact page on, enter your nine-digit routing number and receive a customized list of Federal Reserve Bank contacts, including relationship manager information.

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