FedImage® and Electronic Check Services

The Federal Reserve Banks’ FedImage and electronic check services provide earlier access to check data contained in your incoming cash letters. These services provide you with account information earlier in the day so your customers can take advantage of investment opportunities. In addition, you can support enhanced cash management services for your customers and potentially reduce your exposure to bad checks. We also offer many service options that give you the flexibility to customize Federal Reserve Bank services to meet your needs.

FedImage® Services

Offer you a suite of flexible and reliable image products for the capture, archive and retrieval of your check images. Your institution can tailor these high-performance services to design a complete image solution to meet your needs and those of your customers.

FedImage®-Enhanced Truncation Service

Helps increase your flexibility and potentially saves you considerable time in your back room operations. The service provides valuable components of the end-to-end check processing options available today, allowing you to reduce your dependence on back-office processing equipment and image archive systems.

Presentment Point Services

Allow your institution to designate the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta as the primary presentment point for all, or certain, checks drawn on your institution.

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