Announcing 2024 Federal Reserve Financial Services fees and payment system enhancements

Federal Reserve Financial Services’ (FRFS) plans for 2024 reflect our continued strategic focus of providing customers with a fully integrated product suite that offers speed, resilience and choice. We are laser-focused on our mission of delivering a trusted and contemporary payment system that works for everyone.

Fed Spotlight: AXIOM Armored on how the FedCash® E-Manifest Service has transformed its business

Today, consumers and businesses can easily track purchases and monitor goods as they progress through the supply chain toward eventual delivery. In pursuit of similar digitalization, the Federal Reserve is working with the industry to bring cash supply chain logistics up to speed with the FedCash E-Manifest Service.

Use analytical reports to gain insights about your organization’s 2023 FedACH® activity

Two Federal Reserve Financial Services reports can provide your organization with powerful strategic understanding of your data. The FedPayments® Insights Service allows you to compare your FedACH Services activity to prior years across all your ABAs, easily review daily and historical trends and interact with your ACH data in a dynamic way. The information can be viewed as charts and graphs to assist with understanding trends in a visual manner.

Fedwire® Funds Service information available in response to Financial Stability Board survey

Federal Reserve Banks, as operators of the Fedwire Funds Service, have published a response to the Financial Stability Board (FSB) survey of Financial Market Infrastructures (FMIs) on continuity of access for firms in resolution. The purpose of the FSB survey is to promote transparency by FMIs about access for firms in resolution and assist FMI participants and resolution authorities in developing resolution plans.