Federal Reserve Financial Services introduces FedNow® User Group to promote collaboration, engagement among FedNow participants

Federal Reserve Financial Services (FRFS) just announced the new FedNow User Group to continue promoting collaboration for the 607 financial institutions and their service providers on the FedNow Service network. The FedNow User Group aims to facilitate regular engagement between FRFS and FedNow participants to promote innovation and inform the continued evolution of the service.

All Certificate of Resolutions and Official Authorization List processing to transition to National Accounting Customer Support

It is imperative that the Federal Reserve Banks have accurate and current account information for customers engaging in business with the Federal Reserve Banks. Your institution must have a current Certificate of Resolutions Authorizing an Institution to Open and Maintain Accounts and Use Services (BR) and Official Authorization List (OAL) on file to identify the individuals who have the authority to conduct business with the Reserve Banks on behalf of your account.