FedLine® Solutions

FedLine Solutions provide organizations with direct access to Federal Reserve Bank Services critical payment and information services and applications. FedLine Solutions use state-of-the-art technology to facilitate the reliable, highly secure clearing of payments and exchange of related information for organizations and their business and consumer customers. Robust and flexible subscription options provide control over access and delivery of services to the back office, front counter and end user. More than 100,000 users in nearly 10,000 organizations leverage FedLine Solutions for delivery of payment and information services.

As the electronic payments environment continues to evolve, the Federal Reserve Banks have continued to deliver innovative product offerings for organizations of all sizes. FedLine Solutions also offer flexible and convenient options for payment clearing and information services, ranging from simple, low-cost email delivery to secure network access for critical transactions to sophisticated, direct connections for unattended processing. For more information on the services available via our FedLine Solutions, please refer to the 2024 FedLine Solutions Services Comparison Matrix (PDF).

FedLine Direct®

FedLine Direct is the top-level, unattended offering in the Federal Reserve Banks’ suite of FedLine Solutions and is Internet Protocol (IP)-based. Its network architecture offers increased transmission efficiency and diversity, enabling unattended, real-time computer-to-computer access to critical payment services. As with all FedLine Solutions, security and reliability are top priorities. This solution allows your organization to leverage technology investments by utilizing common, off-the-shelf software, providing greater interoperability with your organization’s business systems.

FedLine Command®

An IP-based, lower-cost, unattended batch file solution, the FedLine Command Solution provides computer-to-computer access to certain critical payment services. FedLine Command® builds upon the services that are available via the FedLine Advantage Solution. This solution uses off-the-shelf software for easy integration with your existing infrastructure.

FedLine Advantage®

A robust, web-based solution that uses layered security, including both hardware and software components, to offer access to critical payment services, including FedACH Services, the Fedwire Funds Service, the Fedwire Securities Service, the National Settlement Service and the FedNow® Service. The FedLine Advantage Solution allows many options for technical customization and integration that enable your organization to leverage its existing infrastructure.

FedLine Web®

A web-based, attended solution that provides rapid, flexible and powerful real-time access to Federal Reserve Bank Financial Services and Central Bank applications using the power of the internet. In addition to accessing informational services, you can also perform limited transactional services such as cash ordering, FedACH Returns, Notifications of Change (NOCs) and Check 21.


An electronic messaging system used to transmit information from the Federal Reserve Banks to your organization. The FedMail Solution provides an alternate delivery mechanism to paper-based delivery. The service offers same-day delivery of statements and advices for a number of financial services.

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