Discount Window Direct (DWD) Application Setup

This page offers information on the necessary steps to set up access to the DWD application. Please review the instructions below, which include links to the forms that must be completed. For additional information, review the DWD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact your local Reserve Bank (Off-site).

Signing up is easy for institutions with existing FedLine access.

  • Institutions with established OC 10 and OC 1 authorized individuals, but without established End User Authorization Contacts (EUACs) or Subscribers, can begin at Step 3 (see below).
  • Institutions with individuals that already have a FedLine® credential and are authorized for the Discount Window in accordance with the Operating Circular 10 Official Authorization List (OC 10 OAL) (Off-site) can begin at Step 4 (see below).
  • Institutions with individuals that have an EUAC without a FedLine credential and are authorized for the Discount Window in accordance with the OC 10 OAL may also begin at Step 4 (see below). Your institution’s EUAC will need to request a FedLine credential for new Subscribers to gain access to DWD.
  • All other institutions will need to review and complete all steps outlined in the instructions below.

It is important to follow the steps below in a sequential manner, as each step is dependent upon the successful completion of its predecessor.

NOTE: When using the FedLine Solutions, your institution is obligated to comply with the terms and conditions of Operating Circular 5 (OC 5) and the Certification Practice Statement (CPS). Institutions can request an unlimited number of credentials (FedLine Subscribers) for DWD at no charge. Please ensure that you comply with the FedLine Web® Solution minimum hardware and software requirements. For additional information, review the FedLine Web page.

Step 1: Complete OC 10 Agreements for Lending

Ensure your institution has completed the OC 10 lending agreements (Off-site) and designated DWD authorized individuals via the OC 10 OAL. The OC 10 lending agreements must be on file with the local Reserve Bank, and the OC 10 OAL must include the correct email address of authorized individuals. Both the OC 10 lending agreements and the OC 10 OAL must be submitted to your district’s local Reserve Bank's Credit Risk Management area (Off-site). Only specifically named individuals authorized to borrow according to your institution's OC 10 OAL can request loan advances or make prepayments.

NOTE: If the OC 10 agreements are already on file with your local Reserve Bank, please ensure that the authorized individuals listed on the OC 10 OAL are the same as those who will be requesting electronic access in Step 4.

Step 2: Designate OC 1 Authorized Individuals

Ensure your institution has completed the agreements associated with OC 1: Account Relationships. Institutions without OC 1 authorized individuals, EUACs or Subscribers should begin here. These individuals are key players for FedLine authorization and access.

OC 1 authorized individuals establish the institution's authority to conduct business with the Federal Reserve and ensure that instructions are accepted only from those authorized individuals.

NOTE: We encourage you to sign and submit the forms required in Step 2 and Step 3 simultaneously if the same authorized individual will be signing both documents.

Step 3: Establish End User Authorization Contacts (EUACs)

EUACs are responsible for managing FedLine and DWD electronic access. EUACs have the authority to designate individuals (Subscribers) to conduct DWD activities.

Institutions must authorize at least two individuals at the institution to serve as EUACs. The EUACs will be the individuals at your institution who have the authority to designate authorized individuals (Subscribers) who will transact business via a FedLine Solution. Additional detail regarding EUAC responsibilities is available on the EUAC Support Page and in the EUAC Reference Guide and Onboarding Kit, which is available via FedLine Home.

To authorize an EUAC, print and complete the EUAC Designation and Authorization Form for FedLine Web-Based Services and Other Business Applications (PDF) and send the signed original to the Support Center. The form must be signed by an individual listed on your institution's OC 1 Official Authorization List (OC 1 OAL). When the completed and signed EUAC form is received, a credential will be issued to the EUAC. The EUAC will use the credential to access the EUAC Center, which enables the EUAC to submit Subscriber requests, to reset FedLine Subscriber passwords and access Subscriber reports and FedLine documentation.

Step 4: Set up new or make changes to existing FedLine Subscribers

Institutions with authorized individuals and EUACs established that are requesting a modification to an existing FedLine credential or a new credential for DWD should begin here. EUACs should log into the Managed Subscribers application in the EUAC Center and request the ‘Discount Window Direct’ service to obtain access for their institution’s authorized individuals. This will initiate the process of modifying an existing credential or issuing a new credential to the authorized individual.

Subscribers have responsibility for FedLine credentials, which are required to access the DWD application.

NOTE: Regarding Step 3 and Step 4, if you plan to set up any EUACs and Subscribers who are located outside of the United States or its territories, please contact the Support Center for more information. The location of EUACs or Subscribers outside of the United States or its territories is generally prohibited.

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