FedACH® Exception Resolution Service

FedACH customers have the ability to manage ACH exception cases through the FedACH Exception Resolution Service accessed through their FedLine Web® or FedLine Advantage® Solutions. ACH exceptions are defined as disputes, notifications, questions or requests for additional information either from a financial institution or on behalf of an account holder of the institution.

The Exception Resolution Service was developed in response to customer feedback about challenges surrounding the resolution of ACH exception cases. Prior to the Exception Resolution Service, in order to resolve exceptions that arise from ACH payments, financial institutions were required to deal directly with each other by utilizing time consuming means of communication and supporting document exchange such as fax, phone, email and mail. The Exception Resolution Service eliminates or reduces many of these labor intensive processes when both the originating depository financial institution (ODFI) and receiving depository financial institution (RDFI) are participating in the service.

Discover how the Exception Resolution Service can benefit your financial institution

  • Allows you to open, receive, read, respond, close or cancel an exception case and include supporting documentation for ACH transactions processed by any ACH operator and on-us items
  • Provides an optional functionality used to search a two-year historical repository of FedACH transactions in order to populate exception cases with ACH entry details
  • Provides a mechanism for the secure exchange of sensitive exception case information between financial institutions
  • Provides a 13-month archive to access and view all cases sent or received by your institution
  • Integrates with other applications by uploading and downloading ACH exception case messages (with supporting documentation) directly through your FedLine Advantage or FedLine Web Solution via a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) formatted file
  • Easily export messages from your Exception Resolution Service Inbox, Outbox and Archive to a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet

Learn more about the benefits by viewing the product sheet (PDF).

Quick Reference Guide

The Exception Resolution Service quick reference guide is designed to assist you in submitting ACH exception case requests for each of the supported case types via your FedLine® Solution.


The Federal Reserve Banks are ready to assist you with a smooth adoption of our Exception Resolution Service. If your financial institution has not already signed up for the full service, then an authorized signer from your institution must complete Part 6F of the FedACH Participation Agreement (PDF) and ensure you have credentialed Subscribers established. Step by step instructions are available on the FedACH Exception Resolution Service Setup page.

Additional Resources

If you have questions about the Exception Resolution Service, request that we contact you. For information on pricing for the service, refer to the FedACH Services fee schedule.

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