FedNow® Service Resources

The FedNow Service enables organizations to receive, send and process payments instantly. The resources below can help guide your organization in the adoption and implementation of the FedNow Service.

FedNow Service Operating Hours

Provides details about the hours of operation and processing schedule for the FedNow Service.

Operating Circular 8

OC 8, along with subpart C of Regulation J, applies to funds transfers made through the FedNow Service.

Operating Procedures

Provides operational details, including expectations, requirements and guidance for FedNow participants on the use of the service.

FedNow Explorer (Off-Site)

Offers various educational resources on instant payments and the FedNow Service.

FedNow DevRel

Helps developers build, implement and maintain their organization’s instant payment technology in support of the FedNow Service.

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