FedLine Direct®

The FedLine Direct Solution offers unattended Internet Protocol (IP)-based access to critical payment services and is designed especially for organizations that require a highly secure computer-to-computer interface to Federal Reserve Financial Services. This solution offers access to organizations that perform high-volume Fedwire® Funds, Fedwire Securities, FedACH®, FedNow®, and Check 21-Enabled Services transactions, while the FedLine Command® Solution offers an additional access option for FedACH customers. Organizations that use Accounting, Billing and the Daylight Overdraft Service have the option of using the FedLine Direct, FedLine Command, FedLine Advantage® or FedLine Web® Solutions. Access to Fedwire Statement Services is available via the FedLine Direct Solution. To see a full list of available services, view the 2024 FedLine Solutions Services Comparison Matrix (PDF) and the FedLine Direct and FedLine Command Service Descriptions.

Use the FedLine Direct Solution to connect with confidence

  • Provides unattended system that leverages contemporary technology to design and deliver highly secure and reliable services for organizations that perform high-volume Fedwire Funds, Fedwire Securities, FedACH, FedNow, and Check 21-Enabled Services transactions
  • Supports delivery of select information directly to your customers
  • Delivers FedLine Direct Message, the messaging component for Fedwire Funds and Fedwire Securities Service customers, via IBM® MQ software
  • Delivers FedLine Direct File, the file transfer component for FedACH, Check 21-Enabled Services and other informational file customers, via IBM Connect:Direct® with Secure+ software.

Contingency options

Many organizations use a combination of contingency options to help minimize or eliminate the business impacts of a service disruption. Several contingency options are noted below for consideration:

Sign up today

For more specific information regarding the FedLine Direct Solution, please review the FedLine Direct product sheet (PDF). To learn more about how to sign up for this solution, please visit the FedLine Direct and FedLine Command Setup page or contact your relationship manager.

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