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FedTransaction Analyzer®

This tool enables financial institutions to automate and standardize after-the-fact analysis of Fedwire® payment transactions. Developed based on customer feedback, the FedTransaction Analyzer service provides access to a historical transaction database and helps automate manual reporting processes.

FedTransaction Analyzer, available via the FedLine Advantage® access solution, helps financial institutions aggregate, save and analyze transaction data and assess potential exception activity, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone manual processes related to risk management and compliance support procedures.

The FedTransaction Analyzer tool was developed for individuals with responsibilities associated with risk and compliance, line of business management, payments and/or other operations. FedLine Advantage Plus Solution or higher customers receive the service at no additional charge.

The tool provides access to a historical database of up to seven years of Fedwire Funds Service data.

Discover the benefits of FedTransaction Analyzer

  • Quick and seamless "on demand" access to wire payments data.
  • Flexible and dynamic Excel® spreadsheet search features and detail-level information for increased efficiency and simplified processes.
  • Automated reporting format (PDF) capabilities via easy-to-use drop down menu options.
  • Easy identification of higher-risk transactions and exception activity based on user-specified criteria.
  • Streamlined access.
  • Cost-effective solution.

Preformatted Reports Available

  • Data Reports
    • User-specified Report
    • Time of Day Activity Dashboard
    • Beneficiary ID Research
    • Origin ID Research
    • Activity by ISO Country Code
  • Management Dashboard Reports
    • Organization Dashboard: Distribution Over Time, Top Transactions by Value and Volume, Average Transactions, Top Percentiles, Transactions by Business Function and Outliers.
    • Customer Dashboard: Same data as for Organization Dashboard but for one selected customer only
    • Customer Activity Report: Originated and Received Transactions by customer name within a date range

View sample reports (PDF)

FedTransaction Analyzer®: Time of Day Activity Dashboard Video

In this video, we discuss the basics of the dashboard and provide specific use cases based on four roles within a financial institution.

Getting Started

Activating access to FedTransaction Analyzer is easy for financial institutions. You should first evaluate your risk management and compliance support needs and establish internal processes for data analysis, and then follow the steps below to set up access to this valuable tool.

  • Review Operating Circular 1 and the FedTransaction Analyzer Appendix (PDF).
  • Determine which individuals will need access. FedTransaction Analyzer was developed for individuals with responsibilities associated with compliance, risk management, finance and/or payment operations.
  • End User Authorization Contacts (EUACs) with Subscribers who have access to FedLine Advantage Plus Solution or higher should submit a Subscriber request via the EUAC Center within FedLine® Home.
  • Customers without FedLine Advantage access should call the Customer Contact Center at P: (888) 333-7010, option 1.

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