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New developer resource launches for FedNow® Service participants

Federal Reserve Financial Services has launched a tech-centric developer resource for FedNow Service customers and their service providers. The FedNow DevRel resource allows live participants and those currently onboarding to access sample code and message samples to assist with service implementation, as well as documentation such as Operating Procedures and technical guides.

“Industry input helped shape our vision for a centralized platform with the most useful resources to help participants’ tech teams implement the FedNow Service,” said Nick Stanescu, executive vice president and chief FedNow Service executive. “This new developer resource represents our continued commitment to fostering payments innovation with a focus on simplicity, efficiency and practicality.”

Designed specifically for application developers, the FedNow DevRel resource enables technologists to:

  • Explore technical details to help with service implementation
  • Access sample ISO® 20022 messages and sample code
  • Prepare for FedNow Service testing and certification
  • Troubleshoot errors and find solutions
  • View platform change logs and enhancements

Over time, the FedNow DevRel resource will incorporate additional interactive tools, including a self-service tool designed to help developers validate and display errors in ISO messages during development and testing.

“FedNow DevRel empowers organizations as they onboard and innovate with the FedNow Service,” Stanescu said. “With each new feature release and technology upgrade, we will continue delivering best-in-class resources in support of our participants and industry partners.”

The FedNow DevRel resource is available to authorized users of the FedNow Service and will be part of a broader suite of technical developer tools that will launch in the coming year. The Federal Reserve will share more information as it becomes available. Read more about FedNow DevRel (Off-site) on FedNow Explorer.