Foreign Check Setup - Including Canadian

Thank you for choosing the Foreign Check Service. We are excited to work with you to make this a smooth and easy transition. Following are the steps you will need to take to streamline your implementation process, including contacts to help you with questions you might have. If you need overall advice in any step of the process, consult the Support Center.

Please note: The rules and regulations that apply to domestic items do not apply to foreign items, including Canadian items.

Step 1 – Review Processing Documentation

The following guides will assist you in using the Foreign Check Deposit and Return Service and the Canadian Check Collection Service.

Step 2—Complete Forms/Agreements

Once you have reviewed the appropriate User Guide, you can proceed to fill out the appropriate forms to begin the setup process.

The following links include the most common forms and agreements that may be required for implementation:

Once you have submitted these forms online, you can begin depositing Foreign items and Canadian items at the addresses found in the Mailing address for Foreign and Canadian Check Items (PDF).

Questions? Contact the Support Center.

Step 3 — Congratulations! Begin processing your foreign checks through the Federal Reserve Banks

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