VPN Device Migration Frequently Asked Questions


As part of the Federal Reserve Banks’ ongoing efforts to keep pace with evolving industry and security standards, we have begun the Virtual Private Network (VPN) Device Migration project. This multi-year effort will require all FedLine Advantage® and FedLine Command® customers to replace their current VPN devices with a more contemporary solution at no additional cost for the new device. As of January 2, 2018, FedLine Solutions monthly package fees now include all VPN device equipment needed to operate with the Federal Reserve Banks. There will also be no additional installation fee for the new device.

The setup for the new VPN device will be similar to the setup for the current device, so this migration should be straight forward and require minimal to no changes to your environment. Additionally, this migration will continue to utilize the Connection Management Center (CMC) and our existing VPN device vendor. Available via FedLine® Home, the CMC is the Federal Reserve Banks’ web-based application that FedLine Advantage End User Authorization Contacts (EUACs) use to place VPN device orders. Please note that a credentialed Technical Contact at your organization can also assist with completing the migration order in the CMC; however, an EUAC must start the order and submit it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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