Step 4: Set Up Report Access

We've Mapped Out the Entire Process

Your organization's End User Authorization Contact (EUAC) will coordinate individual report series access to the Reporting Central application for each FedLine® Subscriber for whom a FedLine credential was requested during Step 3.

The Federal Reserve Bank Subscriber Access Request Form for Reporting Central (Form RC-1) should be completed by an EUAC for each individual who has been issued a FedLine Web credential who will need access to the Reporting Central application. Form RC-1 gives the EUAC authority to designate authorized individuals (Subscribers) specific report series access using the Reporting Central application.

Form RC-1 includes a listing of all reports that are available in the Reporting Central application. You can request access for all reports for which your organization is responsible using one form per Subscriber per legal entity. However, you can submit a spreadsheet if a Subscriber needs access to submit reports for more than 10 legal entities.

All Organizations Will Use Their RSSD IDs to Complete This Form – Follow the Steps Below

  • Form RC-1 (PDF) is available here and to EUACs via the EUAC Center in FedLine Home. Once each Subscriber request has been processed by the Support Center, an EUAC may click "Request Reporting Series Access" within the Subscriber’s record in the EUAC Center to access a pre-populated Form RC-1 for the Subscriber. Please note that a separate Form RC-1 must be completed for each Subscriber.
  • Send the completed form via fax, mail or email to your local Reporting Central District Contact.

Note: When selecting FR Y-8 on Form RC-1, please include the RSSD ID and legal name of the depository institution — not the holding company — in Section 2. For example, if a Subscriber will need access to submit the FR 2900, FR Y-8, FR Y-9C and FR Y-9LP reports, two forms would be required for the individual. One form would request access to the FR Y-8 and FR 2900 to file on behalf of the bank and a second form would request access to the FR-Y9C and FR Y-9LP to file on behalf of the holding company, with the respective RSSD ID and reporting institution's legal entity name.

Note: This is a separate process from the Subscriber Request Form completed as part of Step 3, and will be handled directly by the reporting contact within each Federal Reserve Bank with whom you normally do business.

More Information

The links below provide more information about the Reporting Central application:

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Please contact your local Reporting Central District Contact with questions regarding electronic submission of financial data and reporting instructions. For assistance with setting up access to the Reporting Central application via the FedLine Web Solution, contact the Federal Reserve's Support Center.

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