Production Application Test Request Form

The Production Application Test Request Form is used by financial institutions and service providers to schedule testing activities in the Saturday Production test environment. Refer to the Fedwire Services Hours and Testing Opportunities for Saturday Production testing availability.

IMPORTANT: If you want to conduct electronic access connectivity testing, and do not require application traffic, please contact the Support Center.

Type of Testing

  • Regular Testing: Test various scenarios including technical infrastructure changes, application software changes, contingency testing, training, and back-end changes.
  • Operational Readiness Testing (ORT): Designed for financial institutions to certify their own software or vendor software in the Federal Reserve Banks’ production environment prior to going live in the production environment.
  • Other Testing: Describe other testing initiatives in the comments section.

Test Location Details

  • Indicate the testing site location: Primary, alternate or both.
    • If testing FedLine Advantage ONLY, enter “N/A” in the starting and ending location fields
  • The last octet of the Federal Reserve Bank assigned IP address is required for test and post-test location information (i.e., xxx.xx.123).
  • Starting location: Where your institution will be at the open of production Saturday testing.
  • Intra-day location: If your financial institution plans to test from multiple locations, include details for an alternate location.
  • Ending location/open of next business day location: Where your institution will be at the conclusion of production Saturday testing and the open of the next production business day.

Attestation Requirements

Your institution must send an attestation notification confirming that all test messages have been cleared from your queues once you have been notified by the Federal Reserve Banks that your access channels have been stopped. The Federal Reserve Banks may contact the next level officer identified below as an escalation contact if the confirmation has not been received.

Additional Form Information

  • Your Production Application Form must be submitted no later than (10) business days prior to the requested testing date. Requests submitted after the deadline will be declined.
  • Please print this page for your records after you have completed the form, then click "Submit."
  • Please contact the Testing Services if you have any questions.

* Required fields

Contact Information

The individual at your financial institution that is responsible for supporting your requested testing activity.

Test-Day Contact

Testing Information

Type of Electronic Connection *
Type of Service *
Type of Test

Explanations for the types of DIT testing are noted at the top of this form.

Test Location

The testing location (primary or alternate site). The last octet of the Federal Reserve Bank-assigned IP address is required.

Site Location *

Last OCTET of IP address (XXX.XX.123) If testing FedLine Advantage ONLY, enter “N/A”

Last OCTET of IP address (XXX.XX.123) For FedLine Advantage testing or no intraday moves, enter “N/A”

Last OCTET of IP address (XXX.XX.123) If testing FedLine Advantage ONLY, enter “N/A”

Next Level (Officer) Contact

The financial institution officer used for escalation purposes if the test-day contact listed above cannot be reached.

Next Level (Officer) Contact Name

Additional Information Does your institution require incoming test messages sent to your institution?

Additional Comments

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