National Settlement Service Depository Institution Testing (DIT) Application Test Request Form

The Depository Institution Testing (DIT) Application Test Request Form is used by NSS Settlement Agents to schedule testing activities in the Depository Institution Testing (DIT) environment, Monday through Friday and select Saturdays. Refer to the Fedwire® Services Hours and Testing Opportunities for testing availability in the DIT environment.

IMPORTANT: If you want to conduct electronic access connectivity testing, please contact the Federal Reserve Bank Services Support Center.

Type of Testing

  • Regular Testing: Test various scenarios including technical infrastructure changes, application software changes, contingency testing, training, and back-end changes. Regular testing is highly recommended prior to performing certification testing.
  • Certification Testing (FedLine Direct and Weekday Testing Only): For FedLine Direct® connections only, certification testing is used to test application functionality and overall compatibility with the National Settlement Service.

Additional Form Information

  • Your DIT Application Test Request Form must be received at least two business days prior to your scheduled test.
  • Please contact Wholesale Testing Services if you have any questions.

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Section 1: Organization and Testing Contact Information

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Section 2: Testing Information

Section 3: Additional Information

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