FedACH® Customer Support

Operations support for FedACH Services is provided by the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Minneapolis. Responsibilities include timely and accurate processing of ACH payments, testing, maintaining integrity of the FedACH application, monitoring processing to circumvent problems and responding to questions about our customers' ACH processing.

FedACH Customer Support operates 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The FedACH system is available to send and receive files from 17:30 ET Sunday through 03:00 ET Saturday (excluding holidays).

Customer Service
Toll Free: (877) 372-2457
E-mail: FedACHChecksCS@atl.frb.org
Fax (general): (404) 498-8730

FedACH Service Setup
E-mail: FedACHAgreements@atl.frb.org
Fax: (612) 629-4204

Toll Free: (877) 372-2457

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