Cash Visibility

Cash Visibility (CV) is a multi-year, multi-phase joint industry initiative aimed at bringing greater transparency and efficiency to cash supply chain logistics by developing a framework that will identify, track, and share data about cash packages as they move between cash supply chain organizations.

Using supply chain logistics standards and concepts, the Federal Reserve Banks, cash supply chain partners and GS1 US developed CV data standards (Off-site) that will incorporate the use of scanning technologies with cash shipments to enable significant improvements in cash handling. These improvements will reduce manual data entry by replacing paper-based manifests with electronic manifests.

The Current Opaque State

The Current Opaque State

What is FedCash® E-Manifest Service?

E-Manifest Service will allow Federal Reserve Banks to electronically process deposits and payments with industry partners using industry supported data standards.

Cash Visibility Benefits

Improved resiliency through greater visibility of package contents and the ability to exchange standard data across the supply chain.

Accelerated dock exchanges with armored carriers through the elimination of manual paper-based processes and the introduction of technology to validate data and custody exchanges between Reserve Banks and armored carriers.

More efficient reconciliation and exception processing by leveraging electronic data. Efficiency also improves controls and loss prevention.

'Going Green' by reducing dependency on paper deposit tickets and manifests, including the ability to capture and digitize data at the first point of entry to the supply chain.

Future Automation Opportunities such as Settlement and Reconciliation automation. Retail Customer expedited reporting and leveraging data for enhanced operational efficiencies.


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