Accounting Guides and Manuals

The following accounting guides and manuals provide useful reference material related to accounting practices and guidelines established by the Federal Reserve. The documents include the most recent updates or an addendum containing a summary of revisions.

Account Management Guide (Effective January 4, 2016, PDF)

Account Management Guide (Effective October 1, 2016, PDF)

A comprehensive reference guide for financial institutions that manage reserve accounts. It outlines the basics of the Federal Reserve Bank account structure, concepts of reserve calculation and maintenance, terminology, tools and other specific information related to the ongoing administration of reserve accounts.

Below you will find the most recent updates to the Account Management Guide. Please note that these revisions are included in the above guide and are offered here to illustrate the revisions.

Guide to Interstate Branching Account Structure (PDF)

This guide is designed to provide background information on the development of an interstate branching account model and a detailed explanation of the account structure.

Interstate Branching Q&A (PDF)

Questions and answers related to the interstate branching account structure across various service and business areas.

Reserve Maintenance Manual (Off-Site Link)

This manual sets out the fundamental rules of reserve calculation and account maintenance for depository institutions that file FR 2900 with the Federal Reserve. The information is updated at the end of each calendar year to reflect the annual indexation of values used in the calculation or reserve requirements.

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