Fedwire® Securities Service

The Fedwire Securities Service is the premier securities transaction service that provides cost-effective safekeeping, transfer and delivery-versus-payment settlement services with flexible account structures and automated claim adjustment processing features.  This service allows your institution to transfer and maintain securities in a secure and reliable electronic environment and features critical services as issuance, transfer and settlement.

The Federal Reserve Banks maintain, in electronic form, all marketable U.S. Treasury securities, as well as many securities issued by federal government agencies, government sponsored enterprises and certain international organizations.

The Fedwire Securities Service processes securities transfers on an individual or gross basis in real time, and the transfer of the securities and the related funds (if any) is final and irrevocable when made. (See Operating Circular 7 for specific terms and conditions.)  Although participants may send securities free of payment, most securities transfers involve the delivery of securities and the simultaneous exchange of payment for these securities, a process known as delivery-versus-payment.

The Fedwire Securities Service operates daily from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time. In addition, participants can reposition securities held in their accounts versus payment until 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time, and free of payment until 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Internet Protocol-based access is available via either the FedLine Direct® or FedLine Advantage® access solutions.  Offline access is also available for lower-volume users.

Discover how Fedwire Securities Service can benefit your financial institution

  • Flexible online access alternatives
  • Access to a broad network of approximately 7,500 financial institutions and government agencies
  • Real-time processing
  • Final and irrevocable transfer of securities and funds
  • Immediate availability
  • Security and reliability
  • Low transaction fees

Learn more about the Fedwire Securities Service by viewing the product sheet.

To start using this service, visit Fedwire Securities Service Setup or contact your account executive.

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