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FedPayments® Reporter for FedACH® helps your institution understand its origination activity

The FedPayments Reporter Service for FedACH enables financial institutions to automatically search ACH files for valuable information, such as return items, Death Notification entries (DNE), International ACH transactions (IAT) and financial electronic data interchange (EDI) messages. You can create reports from this data and distribute them within your institution or to your customers. The service also can help your institution improve its efficiencies by monitoring ACH processing activity and automating reporting processes. Below are some frequently asked questions about our most recent report enhancements.

How do I easily identify same-day activity in my originated batches?

The ACH Originated Batch Report provides helpful same-day information on originated batches. You can filter the Excel reports based on multiple data points, including:

  • Effective Entry Date
  • Batch Number
  • Originator ID
  • Same-Day Settled Entries
  • Same-Day Counts
  • Same-Day Amounts
  • Sending Point ABA

This report will help discover large same-day dollar amounts and entry counts and provide visibility into stale-dated effective entry dates. Same-day entries originators also can be identified.

Is there a way for me to view my origination and receipt activity together?

The ACH Originated Entries Detail Report provides useful insights for IAT reporting needs and identifying same-day settlement entries and large volume/dollar customers. This Excel report can be sorted and filtered as needed and is available at the Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) and originator levels. The report mirrors the ACH Received Entries Detail Report. Both reports combined allow you to view origination and receipt activity in one place from multiple time periods, helping you identify and track originators’ return activity.

Where do I find unauthorized, administrative and other Nacha-defined return information to identify large volume/large dollar originators for this activity?

The ACH Return Reason Report provides summary-level information on return reason codes by originator. In Excel, the report can be filtered or grouped to address your needs, which allows you to easily identify any originators that may have large dollar amounts or multiple returns.

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