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Introducing Discount Window Direct: A new, convenient way to conduct Discount Window activity

Is your bank ready for potential liquidity challenges? Eligible depository institutions are encouraged to establish access to the Federal Reserve Banks’ Discount Window (Off-site) as part of contingency planning. The Federal Reserve Banks’ Discount Window helps eligible depository institutions efficiently manage their liquidity risks by providing a contingency funding source.

To make access easy and convenient, the Federal Reserve has introduced Discount Window Direct (DWD) — a secure, self-service application accessed through FedLine® Solutions that enables users to conduct FRB Discount Window activities in a new and modernized way. Users of DWD will be able to:

  • View outstanding advances, collateral value, available collateral, maximum long-term loan amounts and current month seasonal limits, if applicable
  • Request Discount Window advances and initiate repayments
  • Exchange messages with your local Federal Reserve Bank Discount Window team

Visit the Discount Window Direct Feature Guide, which contains additional information about the application, and the Discount Window Direct Application Setup page to learn more about how to get started. DWD is meant to supplement current processes and is not required to access the Discount Window. Contact your local Reserve Bank (Off-site) with any questions.