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All Certificate of Resolutions and Official Authorization List processing to transition to National Accounting Customer Support

It is imperative that the Federal Reserve Banks have accurate and current account information for customers engaging in business with the Federal Reserve Banks. Your institution must have a current Certificate of Resolutions Authorizing an Institution to Open and Maintain Accounts and Use Services (BR) and Official Authorization List (OAL) on file to identify the individuals who have the authority to conduct business with the Reserve Banks on behalf of your account.

These documents allow authorized individuals to issue instructions about your institution's relationship with a Federal Reserve Bank and its use of Federal Reserve Financial Services. Agreements, forms and other requests need to be signed by an individual listed on your institution’s OAL.

Centralized support for all Reserve Banks

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond BR and OAL processing will be transitioning to National Accounting and Customer Support (NACS), joining the other 10 Reserve Banks.

  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond transitioned the BR and OAL process to NACS effective March 1, 2024.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of New York will transition the BR and OAL process to NACS effective March 18, 2024.

As of these dates, if your Administrative Reserve Bank is New York or Richmond, all draft documents should be submitted to and all completed original BR and OAL documents can be submitted to:

National Accounting Customer Support
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Financial Management Group
90 Hennepin Ave
P.O. Box 291
Minneapolis, MN 55480-0291

These updates also will be reflected on the Certificate of Resolution and Official Authorization List Contacts page.

ACTION ITEM: Review your institution’s existing BR and OAL and submit updates in accordance with the appropriate process. It is your institution's responsibility to regularly review its BR and OAL and file new documents when changes are needed. For more information about updating forms and agreements, please visit the Accounting Services Forms page or contact NACS.