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Take action to help modernize the U.S. cash supply chain

The rapid pace of digitalization has changed the way we exchange and receive goods. In fact, we can typically track purchased items through the supply chain — from order placement to delivery — in near real time.

While real-time tracking technology may seem commonplace today, the United States cash supply chain is largely a paper-based operation reliant on manual data entry. To address the need for modernization, the Federal Reserve is helping to bring the cash supply chain up to speed with the increased efficiency and transparency that comes with the FedCash® E-Manifest Service.


In October 2023, the Federal Reserve System announced the E-Manifest Service is available to all financial institution customers of the Federal Reserve Banks and their serving armored carriers. The E-Manifest Service drives digitalization by replacing the manual process of matching paper manifests for deposits and orders with a technology that enables scanning and the electronic exchange of data.

Learn more and begin your journey today by visiting the E-Manifest Service page to complete an expression of interest form.