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General Notes

Please refer to the Check Adjustments Quick Reference Guide for additional information regarding each investigation type (ITYP).

  • The minimum dollar threshold has changed from $25.01 to $0.01 for 14 eligible investigation types (ITYPs). The change applies to items processed on or after April 30, 2018. To see a complete list of eligible ITYPs, please refer to the announcement communication.
  • Items typically handled through Return channels are not eligible for handling through Check Adjustments channels. For example, if you are charged with an item in your inclearings (Forward Collections) and no account is found or you have a stale dated, fraudulent or forged item, you should not submit an adjustment request for credit.
  • Not Our Item (NOI) Resolution – Return Items, deposited in an X9.37 image return letter, will be resolved to the Depositor of the item with a debit NOI adjustment entry. Depositors who receive a debit entry for a NOI adjustment should research the item to determine the correct bank of first deposit (BOFD) or collecting bank if the BOFD is not identified and, if warranted, reprocess the corrected item. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information regarding NOIs.
  • Adjustment requests/inquiries must be submitted within one calendar year of the cash/return letter date or entry date.
  • Electronic submission through FedLine® Solution is the preferred method of initiating adjustment requests/inquiries. Please refer to FedLine Solutions for more information on establishing access to FedLine.
  • All time frames for Federal Reserve Bank action are general guidelines, which may vary depending on the circumstances of the case. Such time frames are not to be treated as legal requirements. Entries generally are provisional, subject to receipt by the Federal Reserve Bank of an offsetting entry. Regulation J (12C.F.R. Part 210, Subpart A) and Operating Circular 3 (OC 3) “Collection of Cash Items and Returned Checks” govern Federal Reserve Bank action.
  • If Federal Reserve Bank Check Adjustment Services are not available because our systems are unavailable or because of circumstances beyond our control, then we, in our discretion, may extend the time frames for you to request adjustments and we may extend our time frames for providing Check Adjustment Services.
  • All adjustment requests/inquiries for foreign items and government agency deposits are excluded from Federal Reserve Bank action time frames.
  • Paper requests, unless otherwise specified, must include all required information and attachments. If the required information and or attachments are not provided, the requester will be notified to resubmit the request with all required information and attachments as new business.
  • Paper requests should be initiated using the standard Federal Reserve Bank Check Adjustment Request Form (PDF). Institutions wishing to submit requests using their own forms must have the forms approved by the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • All paper adjustment requests and live item supporting documentation should be sent to the Check Adjustments Centralized Data Entry Site.

Documents to Follow (DTFs) (PDF) – Supporting documentation (attachments) for electronic submissions should be faxed to the DTF Archive at (866) 333-6633, using the DTF Cover Sheet.

For more information about check adjustment services, visit the Check Adjustment Services pages.

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