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Check Adjustments Documents–to–Follow (DTF) Requirements

In general, DTFs should be submitted ONLY for the following investigation types. Please do not forward documents other than those listed below. Note: When attachments are optional, it is not necessary to send them.

Table of investigation types and their required attachments.
Investigation Type Required Attachment(s)1
Duplicate Entry (DUP) Optional - Copy of the statement showing the duplicated entries
Entry in Error (ERR) Optional - Copy of an item to disprove an entry, i.e. Listing Error entry made in error (item listed correctly)
INFO relateed to Expedited Recredit A legible completed Expedited Recredit claim form. We will also accept written claims that conform to the informational requirements described in Regulation CC Section 229.55 (b) (2). In addition, a copy of the consumer’s written claim, as applicable, is required.
Late Return Claim (LC) Legible copy of the completed Claim of Late Return form. Legible photocopy of the front and back of the item
Late Return Disclaimer (LR) Legible copy of the completed Paying Bank's Response to a Claim of Late Return form
Listed Not Enclosed (LNE) Not required, unless reporting multiple  items and dollar amounts/sequence numbers cannot be provided in the Comments field
Not Our Item (NOI) A legible copy of the front and back of the item
Non-Cash Item (NCH) Optional - A legible photocopy of the item
Photo in Lieu (PIL) – Forward Collection2 One legible, properly indemnified photocopy of the front and back of the missing item.

On the front of the photocopy, record the routing number (ABA) and reference number of the Federal Reserve Bank that reported the item missing (for example, 0610-0014-6/FR10001370022).

Current endorsement information must be legible.

Photo in Lieu must be "sorter ready". Place indemnified photocopy in a MICR encoded carrier envelope.
Photo in Lieu (PIL) – Return Item2 Same as Forward except no indemnification needed.

One legible photocopy of the front and back of the missing item.  The BOFD endorsement must be legible.  If the BOFD endorsement is not legible, provide forward collection source information.

The face of the item must be marked with 'Notice in Lieu of Return' and the reason for the return. 
Paid Item (PAID) Attachments for a single paid item are not required. If you are reporting multiple items, six or more items from the same bundle, a listing of the items involved is required. The listing must contain: the amount, routing number, account number, check number, and item sequence number for each item.
Warranty / Indemnity Claim (WIC) Associated with Check 21 items A substantially completed and signed Check 21 Warranty/Indemnity Claim form must be provided by the requester, as well as a copy of the substitute check or the image item presented in the X9.37 image cash/return letter involved in the claim. If the claim involves a multiple (typically double) payment, copies of both items involved should be provided. Supporting documentation should also be provided as proof of claimed damages
Warranty / Indemnity Claim (WIC) Associated with Unauthorized Remotely Created Checks (URCCs) A copy of the customer's written statement asserting under oath that the item in question was unauthorized, and a legible copy of the front and back of the item in dispute. Although a specific form is not required, the customer statement must clearly indicate that it was asserted under oath and must contain the Regulation CC language that serves as the basis for the warranty claim – that the person or entity on whose account the remotely created check is drawn did not authorize the issuance of the check in the amount stated on the check to the payee stated on the check


1 Unless otherwise noted, photocopy requirements include images of both the front and back of the item(s) associated with the adjustment message. In addition, the original item and the original late claim (LC) or late response (LR) form should be retained by the requester as they may be requested by the offsetting DI or Reserve Offices.

2 The preferred method for submitting a Photo in Lieu is through the check/return collection process, rather than through adjustments channels. Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide for additional information and deposit requirements.

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