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Training, tips and techniques for new (and seasoned) payments colleagues

There’s always a learning curve for someone who is new to your financial institution — or simply, new to working with one or more Federal Reserve Financial Services payment solutions. Fortunately, we offer a variety of educational materials and online learning opportunities that can support your organization’s use of these payment solutions, beyond product-specific onboarding guides and checklists.

Here are five of our most popular informational resources for training, tips and timesaving techniques that can help your financial institution work with customers to use these payments offerings.

  • Federal Reserve Bank webinars: You can register for on-demand and instructor-led online training webinars. Many are complimentary, while others require a fee based on the topic. Watch the Federal Reserve Bank webinar page and the twice-monthly Fed360® newsletter for information on upcoming webinars and events. As a starting point, scroll down to the bottom of the webinar page to see five videos on working directly with our organization.
  • FedLine® Solutions: Most financial services offered by the Federal Reserve Banks are accessed via a FedLine Solution. The 2024 FedLine Comparison Matrix is a great way to explore differences among all solutions. In addition, the FedLine Solutions education page features a video interview with a customer about how his financial institution benefits from using FedLine Advantage® with a secondary VPN device.
  • Check Adjustments: This is an educational topic in high demand. A detailed quick reference guide provides users up-to-date information on service levels, reporting time frames and general requirements for requesting check adjustments through the Federal Reserve. Fee-based webinars also are available that dig deeper into specific areas of Check Adjustments, such as investigation types (ITYPs). Participants can attend these webinars from multiple connections with one $450 connection fee payable by credit card only. You also can sign up for complementary self-directed training via FedLine Solutions.
  • The FedNow® Service: Whether your financial institution is already participating in the FedNow Service or not, your new and current employees can obtain a fundamental overview of this new payments rail by exploring the Instant Payments University (Off-site) and FedNow Resources (Off-site).
  • More one-stop shopping for insights: Training resources for Subscribers — including detailed user guides for the different FRFS services — can be accessed via FedLine Home. Also see the informational videos on the FRB Services YouTube channel (Off-site), which highlight new offerings, such as the FedCash® E-Manifest Service.

Do you have additional questions for the Federal Reserve? Use the Contact page to find your financial institution’s customized list of go-to support contacts, including your relationship manager and specific payments service support. You can also refer to our series of Fed360 articles on common customer questions.

ACTION ITEM: Bookmark the Events and Education page to stay up to date on the latest educational resources available to you, including our participation in industry events.