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All Other Error Types

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Your Action

Submit an Electronic Case to the Federal Reserve Bank or complete an Adjustment Request Form (PDF) and send to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Use Investigation Type (ITYP) Entry in Error (ERR) and Entry Type (ETYP) Request for Information (RFI). Questions pertaining to adjustments for Savings Bonds should be directed to FedACH® and Check Services Customer Support at P: (877) 372-2457.

Information about all other error types reporting time frames, actions and required fields.
Reporting Time Frame Federal Reserve Bank Action
Within one calendar year
of the cash letter credit date.
Entry or resolution after research is completed, provided requirements are met.
  • All electronic adjustment requests received by 5:00 p.m. ET with complete information will receive same day acknowledgment.
  • For all paper adjustment requests, acknowledge receipt of the request.

For more information about check adjustment services, visit the Check Adjustments Services page.

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