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Non-Receipt of Cash Letter Credit (MCL)

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Your Action

Submit an Electronic Case to the Federal Reserve or complete an Adjustment Request Form (PDF) and send to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Use Investigation Type (ITYP) Entry in Error (ERR) and Entry Type (ETYP) Request for Information (RFI).

Information about Non-Receipt of Cash Letter Credit (MCL) reporting time frames and actions.
Reporting Time Frame Federal Reserve Bank Action
As soon as the error is discovered. Same day acknowledgement - Provided requirements are met.
Respond to request within twenty business days.

Required Fields

Information about Non-Receipt of Cash Letter Credit (MCL) reporting required fields.
Field Name Paper Form FedLine CA1000 Message
Sender (SNDR) Your institution's ABA #, name, street address, city, phone #, contact name and respondent's ABA # (if applicable) Auto-fills with your 9-digit ABA #
Receiver (RCVR) Receiving Federal Reserve Bank's name and/or ABA # Federal Reserve Bank ABA # from drop-down list
Investigation Type (ITYP) Entry in Error (ERR) ERR
Request Type (MTYP) Open (OPEN) Auto-fills with OPEN
Amount (AMT) Amount of the cash letter
Request for Entry (ETYP) Information RFI
Sender's Reference # (SREF) Your institution's case # (max of 14 characters)
Original FRB Reference No. (RREF) MCL
Contact Information(CNTC & TELE)(FedLine only) N/A Contact name and phone number
FCL & TCL You sent the cash letter to the Federal Reserve
FCL - Your institution’s ABA #
TCL - Federal Reserve’s ABA #
Product Class (PROD) Savings Bond SBD
Cash Letter or Entry Date (CLED) Date of the cash letter

For more information about check adjustment services, visit the Check Adjustments Services page.

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